Tuesday, 16 October 2012

my 19th year have twist in faith and destiny

It is been a while I am not updating my blog, seriously i am very busy with my new chapter of my life. its almost 5 month i have been the government servant at JABATAN AKAUNTAN NEGARA. I'd been promoted to work here as N 17 S in account section. there are lots of twist in my life since i been here at KL. 

At the office, I doesn't have any friends that same ages with me, i am the youngest, 19 years old. On the first day, me and another new employees come to the office and filling some forms. then,we need to wait for the briefing session with the person in charge to know our position in the office.so we all wait at the waiting room, suddenly one of the girl started to ask our age. most of them age between 21 to 25. when it come to me, i said 19 and all of them stare at me with curious face.they thought i lied to them. they want proof so i give them my id and they believed. after that, there was a meeting between us and the bosses for ice breaking session.  

for the early week, I am like a marauding worker without specific work. i working for all  section. admin and account.
now, I've got my specific work to manage the government gazzete data key in and new pilot project for imaging system. quite a hard for me to go to the national library for 3 days a week.

here at the office, i am quite bored cause of lack of same age friends.
but i am happy too cause of all the sporting staff even though they are older than me..
still can tease them, joking and doing fun stuff.
their friendliness makes me want to go to office every day....
but here I'm lack of boyfriends, too many girlfriends..i cant even makes some rare joke that maybe can hurt them...oh god...
this makes me feel miss my friends that used to tease each other , playing together and doing crazy stuff...

only god know how i miss my old friends....damn!! i cried for this...all alone...
now, i my only hope is i can pursue my study at uitm..
hope they call me for the degree at march 2013...
culinary,business admin, anything....just call me...
i'm taking anything,,,

to all my friends, 
i hope you all will success in everything you do
be a wiser person and choose the right thing to do
do not get involve in anything that can give you problems
be closer to god, dont forget 24434..
from my deep heart
live to the fullest and always smile because 
when you lose your smile, regret is not an option.

sincerely from me,Q'VIVA.......v(^_^)v..........