Monday, 27 February 2012

the day i saw a girl crying, then i made a poem about it

this poem is inspired by a scene where i saw a girl crying. to me crying is an expression of emotion where the person fell sad, touch , ashamed and etc. as we can see girl is a human being that been created by god to complete the man. from my observation for 18 years of my life, women/girl are strong in their inside cause they are very high patient person that can stand for something for along time. this is my opinion. if there any opinion you wan to add.please comment..

this is the poem...WOMEN AND TEARS

When a woman is crying
My heart becomes small,
My face turns gloomy.
The tears that fall onto the earth
Tell the untold story
The cry speaks for the misery of the woman
‘Cause with a drop of tears
Anything can happen
Anything can change
But woman's heart is as hard as the stone of the sea,
They can tough these hard days with patience.
Forever and ever,
Women shall be praise.

if there any comment for this poem just tell me..i will accept with my open heart...

the birds soaring with pride in the sky  gives me an evocation .

Thursday, 23 February 2012

MUET!!!...the day i shock my head on the table..

22 feb 2012

7.30 am

i woke up in the morning at 5.30 am because i had muet speaking test at 7.30. the reason i woke up earlier because i need to take the bus that provided at 6.30. i the only teslian that take muet speaking test for the morning session.

at 7.00 am the bus arrived. i board the bus.after 10 to 20 minute i arrived at the school where muet test took place. then i had been quarantine with other candidates in a classroom. the invigilators ask us to shut off the phone and give the phone to them.suddenly i saw someone that i know. she is adlina. a teslian.i totally shock cause i think i am the only one took muet for the morning session.thank god.

ater several minutes the invigilators call the registration number and my number is 75. i was in the first group with two lawrian and the one and only adlina.

in the test room, i had given a task as candidate C, the question is about obesity. i do not remember how the question looks like..heheh...i got FRIENDS as the point that i should elaborate. the first part goes well for candidate A & B. when it come for my turn, i fell very nervous and my hand sweating. i try to talk calmly but something went wrong. my braing cannot find the word that i should said. i was completely happened several times. OMG!OMG!OMG!....suddenly the invigilators said your time over..i was #*#*^#*#&&^#*......damn...then i shock my head to the table..the invigilator asked me..are you okay?are you okay?...i' fine.i'm fine....damn!!!!

but suddenly the invigilators said that you still have part b. you can choose another point..i was like..okay..okay..rilex...then the part b begin..  the discussion was very interesting and fun.. the argument, the point that i give..i feel happy...athers candidates were very good and excellent..the dicussion ended..

it was the most memorable memories i ever have..huhuhuhu

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

the night that my friend become prom king


in this post i would like to tell a story about a dinner at ZENITH where people at their best look. the dinner theme is masquerade with the fusion of white lavender. the dinner was very best. all about it was a very BEST GILER!!!

i had sat with my friends who are emi,izhar, ruji,khair,omar,azim,fasyoo,farra ein. our table number was 26. although there some problem about the table but hanan mange to solve the problem. thanks to hanan.

this is me..


the food at the dinner were very best and i ate it all until my tummy reach the maximum capacity.the best part is my table mate IZHAR SAZALI had been announce as the PROM KING.what a joy as a friend i am proud of him.. this make him more hotstuff than before..hahahahahaha...


the dinner end at the midnight...

here some pic from the dinner...





hahahhahaha...just kidding..for my friends hope you all happy ever after....god bless you all...

love you all!!xoxo..hehehe